What Is a Basketball Hoop Made Of?

A basketball hoop is made of a tempered-glass backboard with a steel-and-aluminum hoop. Professional hoop versions do vary from store-bought versions of home basketball hoops.

All basketball hoops have a backboard, shock-absorbing connector and a circular hoop. The National Basketball Association has different standards for basketball hoops due to visibility in games and the physical nature of professional athletes. NBA basketball backboards are made of 1/4-inch-thick glass and are 72 inches wide by 42 inches tall. The connector is all metal, and the hoop is 18 inches around and made of aluminum.

Basic versions of basketball hoops for homes, parks or recreation areas use less-expensive materials. Backboards are usually made of Plexiglas or sometimes metal for outdoor conditions. Hoops are sometimes made of plastic, and more expensive versions are made of metal.