What Are Some Basketball Games to Play Outside?

The equipment of basketball can be adapted to other games such as Horse and Around the World. These games can improve shooting skills and boost endurance.

The classic game of Horse focuses on specific shots. The players choose a shooting order, and the first in line makes a shot. Everyone else must make the same shot. Players who fail to make the shot earn one of the letters of the word "horse," until the word is spelled out. The game ends when only one person remains who hasn't spelled out horse.

Around the World involves making a series of shots from around specified areas of the court. Again, the game starts with a shooting order. The first shooter keeps shooting until she misses the net, advancing around the specified points. When a player misses a shot, that player returns to the previous mark. Play continues until someone has made a shot from all the points as well as from the three-point line.

Time Trial promotes endurance. In this game, a timer is set for one minute. In that time, the shooter attempts to make as many shots as possible, receiving two points for a traditional basket and three from the three-point line or farther. The winner is the player who makes the most points in a minute.