What Are Some of the Best Basketball Courts in the World?


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Madison Square Garden, Staples Center and the United Center are widely considered some of the best, most historic professional basketball courts in the world. Numerous other famous professional, private, collegiate and public courts also exist, such as the Venice Beach courts and the famed FIBA court on the sea.

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Though high-quality facilities are typically reserved for the best teams and players, famous basketball courts exist all over the world. Some of these courts are famous because well-known historical sporting events happened there, like the Hershey Sports Arena in Hershey, Pennsylvania where Wilt Chamberlain had his 100-point game. Other courts, like Rucker Park street basketball court in Harlem, are famous for the talented basketball players they attract. Basketball greats like Julius Erving and Kevin Durant played on public courts like these, which helped give the courts a reputation as meccas for world-class players.

Other basketball courts, like Duke University's Cameron Indoor Stadium, are famous for the loud, dedicated crowds of fans drawn to the venue. Famous private basketball courts, including the glow-in-the-dark court in Germany, have gained popularity through social media. Picturesque, unique courts, such as the isolated basketball court in Iceland and the Nike Court on the River Thames in London, also attract basketball fans.

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