Where Does Basketball Come From?


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Basketball originated in Springfield, Mass., on Jan. 20, 1892 and was developed by Dr. James Naismith. It began as a simple game involving a ball and a peach basket that could be played during the winter.

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Dr. Naismith developed 13 rules for the original game, only four of which were not kept. The remaining nine rules were altered somewhat, but otherwise retained in later incarnations of the game. Later refinements involved replacing the basket with a net that the ball could pass through and the incorporation of rules that allowed players to move while in possession of the ball. The YMCA where Naismith worked when basketball was developed eventually banned it from being played, but not before it picked up considerable popularity, eventually evolving into the familiar competitive sport enjoyed around the world.

The first match ever played lasted a total of 30 minutes with a final score of 1-0, with that single basket scored half-way through the game by William R. Chase. Much later, in November of 1896, the first professional basketball game was played, with each player earning $15. The match took place in Trenton, N. J., and was played between the Brooklyn YMCA and Trenton YMCA. Trenton would go on to win that match, 15-1.

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