What are the basics of golf course maintenance?


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Green aerification and bunker raking are two basic aspects of course maintenance. Other steps include repairing ball marks on the green and repairing divots; players can carry these tasks out as they play.

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Green aerification allows more oxygen to enter the soil and ensures that the grass remains healthy. After a machine is used to remove plugs of soil from the green, sand is added to fill in the holes. The sand assists with drainage and helps stop the soil from becoming too compacted. While aerification may be inconvenient for golfers, it is an important part of course maintenance.

As golfers play, they may end up hitting the ball into a bunker. After hitting the ball back out, players should rake over the area where they took the shot and over any footprints they may have left. This is a courtesy to other players, as it ensures the best bunker surface for all players.

The American Society of Golf Course Architects recommends that anybody building a golf course hire a superintendent early on, as maintenance is so important to the course's future. Proper maintenance prevents a course from deteriorating and may save the owners money in the long run if damage can be prevented.

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