What Are Some Basic Tai Chi Moves?


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Three basic Tai Chi moves include Separating the Clouds, Rolling the Arms in a Horse-riding Stance and Rowing a Boat in the Middle of a Lake. Each movement concentrates on breathing and meeting certain points through the process of slow motions.

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What Are Some Basic Tai Chi Moves?
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The starting position for each of the basic Tai Chi movements requires feet to be shoulder-width apart, with the weight on the left leg. The body faces slightly right, and the right hand is extended at shoulder height, while the left hand is curved at the head.

To perform Separating the Clouds, take a breath in, transfer weight to the center, rotate the body to face forward, bring the arms up slowly, and extend them over the head with palms facing each other. Next, arc the arms downward toward the waist by turning over the palms with the fingers facing upward and slightly bent, breathe out, sink the body down, and allow the knees to bend. End with the arms arced at hip height. Cross hands by turning the palms face up, continuing the previous arc movement, and end with the hands crossed with the left wrist over the right wrist. With wrists crossed, slowly begin to raise the hands, breathe in, bring the hands to the chest level, and continue the movement so that the hands are above the head. Complete this basic move by separating the hands, extending the arms outward, and slowly returning to the starting position.

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