What Are Some Basic Saltwater Fishing Tips?


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Basic saltwater fishing tips include changing the monofilament often and using lures that look bright and colorful. Another basic saltwater fishing tip is to tie the Bimini Twist knot to double the fishing line for maximum strength.

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Saltwater fishing involves locating a good spot to fish with lots of available food such as the mouth of a creek, inlet or estuary. Use noisy topwater lures in areas with rough currents so fish are able to locate the lure.

Do not keep a fish out of the water longer than 1 to 2 minutes or the fish likely dies. Use wet hands or gloves when handling a fish to avoid disrupting its protective slime barrier. Support the body of the fish;

never hold it by the fishing line alone.

Use monofilament fishing line rather than wire leader. Wire tends to bunch, which makes it prone to breaking. Cut back the monofilament whenever it looks damaged.

Fish tend to swallow treble hooks, so avoid using them. Using treble hooks means that fish are likely to escape and die with the hook stuck inside them. Circle hooks do not hook fish in the throat and keep them from escaping. J-hooks are also useful saltwater fishing hooks to use.

Live bait must be in top condition to attract fish. Keep live bait in incoming water if possible and use an aerator to ensure the live bait has enough oxygen. Store the bait in cool water instead of warm, since cold water holds more oxygen. Change the water every few hours to refresh the supply of oxygen for the live bait.

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