What Are the Basic Rules for Playing Volleyball?


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In volleyball, each team is allowed six players, and each player rotates one position once the team wins back service from its opposition. Once the ball goes over the net, each team has a maximum of three hits to get the ball back over to the other side within bounds.

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What Are the Basic Rules for Playing Volleyball?
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Points are scored on every rally, and the score is kept in each set until a victor is decided. Typically in volleyball, there are five sets. Each set goes to 25 points except for the fifth which goes to 15. The first team to get to that score and win by at least two points wins the set. A victor of the match is decided once one team wins three sets. Players can be substituted in and out at any time during the match between points.

Of the six players on the court, three must be in the front zone and three in the back zone. Only the three in the front row are allowed to spike and block the ball, while the three back row players are only allowed to hit the ball over the net if they leave from behind the attack line. If a shot is partially blocked and tipped into the blocking team's own court, it only in beach volleyball but not in volleyball proper.

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