What Are Some Basic Rules of Curling?


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Basic rules of curling include that the game must be played by two teams of four players, the teams must alternate throws toward the circular target, and each player must throw two stones, says Frogtown Curling Club. On its way to the target, the stone can be directed by teammates.

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The circular target in curling is called the house. The object of the game is to have more stones closer to the center of the house than the opponents, after all 16 stones are thrown. Teammates are responsible for sweeping and directing the stones toward the house while they are on their way there.

Typical curling games are played in eight ends, with 16 stones thrown in each end. However, only one team can score in one end, and that is the team with the stone closest to the center of the house. That team scores one point for every stone closer than their opponent's best stone.

Curling teams consist of a lead, second, vice skip and skip. Once a lineup is formed, it must stay in that order for the entire game. The lead always throws the first two stones for the team, while the second and vice skip sweep. The skip calls the shot and can help sweep if needed.

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