What are some basic karate moves?


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Basic karate moves include stances, strikes and kicks. Other basic moves are punches and blocks. Karate is a form of martial art that developed in Okinawa, Japan, characterized by strikes and open-hand techniques without the use of weapons.

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Karate stances keep the body stable and balanced, allowing effective attacks and defences. The three main stances include the side stance, or "kiba dachi," the back stance, or "kokutsu dachi" and front stance, or "zenkutsu dachi." The most famous karate hand strikes is the karate chop, but the technique also includes other hand strikes, such as using the tips of the fingers, the front and back of the fist and palm of the hand near the wrist. Karate hand strikes target the most vulnerable parts of the body such as the neck, throat and groin.

Kicks rely flexibility and having good balance, and use the heel, the ball and edge of the foot, and the instep as striking surfaces. The karate practitioner may deliver kicks with one foot or both feet in the air, coming from any direction as a thrust, turn, snap, jump or spin.

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