What Are Some Basic Hunting Rules?


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General rules for hunting include communicating with fellow hunters to avoid accidents and killing animals swiftly to avoid suffering. Specific hunting laws and safety rules depend on the weapons or traps used to hunt, the hunted animal, the time of year, the hunting area and the hunting party.

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What Are Some Basic Hunting Rules?
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Contact the local fish and game or fish and wildlife office to verify the permitting and tag requirements and hunting laws for the chosen hunting area and animal.

Each weapon has its own specific safety rules, such as not shooting a gun at an animal without a backstop or not dry-firing a bow. Research weapon safety protocols before hunting as improperly handling a weapon may result in human injuries or fatalities.

Create a plan with fellow hunters for hunting protocol. Hunters may decide to be in each other's line of sight at all times so no one is accidentally hit, or assign specific geographic areas to each hunter to ensure no other humans are in the line of fire.

Hunters should not attempt difficult shots beyond the range of their weapons or beyond their skill levels. Doing so may result in animal injuries, but not death. Only aim at kill zones, such as the heart or brain. If a hunter injures an animal and it runs, it is the hunter's duty to track it and kill it as quickly as possible.

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