What Are Some Basic Gymnastic Moves?

According to About Gymnastics, basic gymnastics moves include the splits, center splits, handstand, back walkover and back flip. Both the front split and the center split are moves that appear simple, but require a lot of training and stretching to master. However basic they appear, these moves are a cornerstone of many gymnastics routines and one of the first things studied when gymnastics training begins.

The handstand is used in just about every gymnastics event. Mastering it on a mat is the recommended way to gain confidence and become a solid gymnast, according to About Gymnastics. The bridge is another basic move that is achieved through practice and stretching. Mastering the bridge improves shoulder flexibility, allowing for greater success in many other gymnastics moves.

About Gymnastics states that once the bridge is mastered, the next step in training is the back walkover. Another frequently used move, the back walkover starts in a bridge position. From there, the legs are kicked over the head to complete a controlled and slow walkover, resembling a slow-motion back flip. The back flip is the most difficult of the basic skills. Once it is mastered, however, the gymnast is able to build many other skills based on this integral move.