What is some basic golf terminology?


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Basic golf terminology includes words such as "green," "tee," "rough," "fairway," "flag," "par," "drive," "chip" and "putt." Terms like "birdie," "eagle" and "bogey" are also helpful for understanding golf games.

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Golf has a large vocabulary filled with specialty terminology, which can be confusing for beginners. However, the basics are fairly easy to learn.

Terms that relate to the golf course include "green," "rough," "fairway," "tee" and "flag." The tee is the beginning of the hole where golfers start off the hole and the flag is the end goal where the hole is located. The green is the area of short grass at the end of the hole and the fairway is the groomed area between the tee and the green. The rough is the un-groomed area of the golf course that runs around each hole.

"Drive," "Pitch shot," "chip" and "putt" all relate to shots in golf. A drive is a long-range shot that players take at the beginning of the hole. A pitch shot is a medium range shot meant to move the ball up to 90 yards up the fairway. A chip is a smaller bump meant to advance the ball closer to the hole on the green. A putt is a very close-range shot that golfers use to move the ball into the hole.

"Par," "birdie," "eagle" and "bogey" all describe swings in the game. The par is the amount of strokes an experienced golfer requires to get he ball into the hole. When a golfer achieves a birdie, he made the hole in one less than par. An eagle means that the ball made it to the hole in two strokes less than par. A bogey means that the golfer made the hole in one stroke more than par.

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