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Barbarian fishing is a skill learned by certain characters in the online game Runescape. The skill is learned after characters gain fishing level 48, agility level 15 and strength level 15. Barbarian training begins when players talk to Otto Godblessed south of Barbarian Assault after completing a bow fire. Otto trains characters to fish with heavy rods and their bare hands.

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The first task of barbarian training is to fish with a heavy rod. Otto instructs players to catch a fish in the lake east of his hut. These large fish pull on the line, jump out of the water and are hard to reel onto shore. Characters choose among five different baits. Trout, salmon and sturgeon are caught in Otto's lake, and any catches the player achieves cause a gain in experience for fishing, strength and agility.

Fishing by hand requires raw strength and greater fishing ability. If a player talks to Otto after learning the heavy rod, he will teach how to catch fish without a harpoon. This lesson requires fishing level 55, strength level 35 and agility level 15. Sharks, swordfish and tuna are caught in this way on Otto's lake. If players have enough experience, a character will automatically fish with his or her bare hands before using a tool on the tool belt.

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