How Do You Balance in Football?

According to Ivan Bobanovic, writing on the Goalden website, the key to balance in traditional football is practice. He also notes that balance is the most important skill in football.

Bobanovic writes that balance in football primarily refers to a player's center of gravity. A well-balanced player demonstrates high levels of balance as well as agility due to how much they have practiced. Agility pairs with balance because agility allows players to change direction without losing either balance or speed. There is a three-step formula for achieving better balance in football.

Step one is keeping the center of gravity in the body low by constantly being on your toes. Players should lean forward and have knees bent in case they need to pounce when a situation changes.

Step two is to avoid flailing arms all over the place. Arms should be used to provide leverage for the body's balance, but waving them around too much can affect balance.

Step three is to constantly shuffle the feet. That means when possessing the ball, players should take smaller steps and increase the amount of times they contact the ball. Bobanovic points out that this throws off defenders hoping to snatch the ball when it is farthest away from the player's foot.