What Is a Backcourt Violation in Basketball?


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Backcourt violations occur when the offensive team possesses the ball for more than 10 continuous seconds in the backcourt (eight seconds in the NBA) following a made basket, rebound, steal or in-bounds. The ball, or both feet and the ball, of the possessing player must clear the half-court line.

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In the event of such a violation, the player in possession of the ball is charged with a turnover, and the opposing team is awarded possession of the ball at the sideline. The time resets when the opposing team kicks or punches the ball, is issued a delay-of-game warning or is assessed a technical foul.

Once the ball clears the half-court line from the backcourt into the front court, the offensive team may not be the first to touch balls that cross the midline into the backcourt.

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