How Do You Do a Backbend Kickover?


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Performing a backbend kickover requires mastery of several other gymnastic elements, particularly the bridge, backbend, handstand and lunge. Flexibility is a key element in performing the move. Performers may find it difficult to complete at first, but with steady practice, they will find that their skill levels have improved.

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Backbend kickovers require a strong core and muscular shoulders. It can take weeks to master. Professional gymnasts recommend that beginners learn the backbend kickover in stages.

  1. Practice Bridges
  2. To do a bridge, start by lying face up on the ground with feet tucked close to the buttocks and hands positioned so they are aimed at the feet. Gently rise, lifting the chest, shoulders, neck and head from the ground. Hold for 30 seconds and release. During the early phases, beginners may need a spotter to assist them with these moves.
  3. Practice handstandsHandstands offer an ideal progression from bridges. To perform a handstand, go into the bridge position. Then raise both legs by pushing them off the floor with knees locked.
  4. Progress to backbend kickover
  5.  Complete the backbend kickover by going into the arch position, performing a hand stand and then flipping in one smooth motion. Stand tall at the end.

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