What Is the Average Salary of a WNBA Player?

In 2012, the average yearly salary for a WNBA player was $72,000. The amount a player is paid depends on a number of factors, such as skill level and experience.

The salary of players is determined by a collective bargaining agreement between WNBA teams and players. In 2013, the minimum yearly salary for a rookie player was $37,950. The first four 2013 draft picks were paid between $48,470 and $61,800, depending on how many years of experience they had in the league. The fifth through eighth draft picks were paid between $50,305 and $57,165. The maximum amount a player could be paid in 2013 was $107,000. The salary of players does not include other forms of income from endorsement deals, bonuses or salaries earned during the offseason.