Who Are Some Attractive LPGA Players?

Who Are Some Attractive LPGA Players?

Holly Sonders, Lauren Thompson, Michelle Wei, Meredith Kirk, Blair O'Neal, Veronica Felibert, Jillian Stacey, Debbie Doniger, Kelly Sheehan, Cheyenne Woods, Ginger Howard and Michelle Piyapattra are considered some of the most attractive players in the LPGA. They rank on the list of Most Beautiful Women in Golf, which is compiled annually by Golf Digest.

The LPGA is an American organization, but has a tour each year that welcomes international players. The women on Golf Digest's list of Most Beautiful Women in Golf hail from the United States and abroad.

The women on Golf Digest's list are professional golfers, but some have additional attributes. Meredith Kirk, for instance, is a professional golfer and golf instructor. She is a native of South Carolina and teaches golf to players of all skill levels and ages. Kirk has made the Golf Digest list for several years, and once earned the title of Mrs. South Carolina.

Another notable golfer is Veronica Felibert. Felibert, a native of Venezuela, joins the LPGA as a tour member. In addition to playing golf, Felibert excels academically. She holds an MBA from the University of Southern California.

Other women on the Golf Digest list are Michelle Wie and Michelle Piyapattra, who are of Asian descent, and African American golfers Ginger Howard and Cheyenne Woods.