What Are Some Athletic Booster Clubs?

What Are Some Athletic Booster Clubs?

Notre Dame Athletic Boosters, Scorpion Athletic Booster Club and Leland High School Athletic Booster Club are some athletic booster clubs. Arrowhead Booster Club is also an athletic booster club.

Notre Dame Athletic Boosters Club aims to support and promote athletic activities at Notre Dame High School. The members of the club include alumni, friends and parents who support the programs and rich traditions of Notre Dame Athletics. Over the years, they have played a significant role in raising funds for the renovation of a number of athletic facilities, including the baseball stadium and stadium snack bar.

Scorpion Athletic Booster Club’s mission is to create one of the best sports programs in the United States. With the assistance of its members, it funds projects that provide students with an ideal environment to play their favorite sports. Scorpion Athletic Booster Club was established to raise funds for Adolfo Camarillo High School Athletics.

Leland High School Athletic Booster Club helps Leland student athletes reach lofty goals. It offers members benefits such as a free sport decal and ability to buy special game passes.

Arrowhead Booster Club encourages parents, coaches, players and the general school community to support Arrowhead High School’s existing athletic programs. The Arrowhead Booster Club meets regularly. This non-profit organization seeks to foster school spirit and raise funds. It also encourages members to make donations, become a team liaison in their athlete’s team and volunteer in events.