How Do You Assemble a Bicycle Motor Kit?


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To assemble a bicycle motor kit, begin by installing the rear sprocket before mounting the engine to the frame of the bicycle and fitting the engine controls to the handlebars. Install additional controls to let the engine operate on the bicycle chain before mounting the carburetor and exhaust pipes.

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When mounting the engine to the frame of the bicycle, note that some bicycles feature a lower bar with a diameter too large for the engine's air box intake. If this is the case, install a spacer that ensures enough clearance for the engine to fit. Mount the air intake with the inlets facing downwards.

Before attempting to install handlebar controls, grease the handlebars and slide the throttle all the way while tightening its attachment screws. Match the electronic wires to their appropriate colors when mounting the engine coil.

If the bicycle motor's exhaust pipe does not have enough clearance, bend it while it is not attached to the engine; attempting to bend the exhaust pipe while it is attached to the engine renders the motor inoperable. Mount the carburetor and then attach the tank line to the device. For best results, add an in-line fuel filter when assembling the bicycle engine.

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