How Do You View the ASA Softball Rules Online?

The ASA website has the official rulebook available for online viewing. The website highlights significant rule changes and features comments to further clarify the context of the changes. Certified equipment is found in a location separate from the ASA rules.

From the ASA website, click on the About link. In the dialogue box, click on About Us. In this section, select Code Rules and Changes. You can then select a variety of resources, including the full rulebook or the current changes with comments. Each selection is in PDF format, so it appears for download to your browser, depending on your browser settings.

Certified equipment is found in a location separate from the ASA code and rules. Equipment rules change from year to year with the introduction of new bats, so this information is a vital supplement to the official ASA rules and codes. To find out if a bat or softball meets ASA standards, navigate directly to this section on the main page by clicking the Certified Equipment header at the top of the website. From here, access approved equipment lists for bats, balls and warm-up equipment from the drop-down box at the bottom of the page. Click on links that detail bat compression changes, senior equipment changes and what balls are legal for use with the new ASA standards. These are PDF links, so the browser may display them directly or offer to download them to the computer for viewing, depending on the browser's settings.