What Is an Appropriate Prayer for a Basketball Player?

A novel pre-game prayer for the individual basketball player is "Bless and heal those we play today. Direct my passes and my plays, let my baskets be many, my legs be swift, my dribbling quick and sure. And let my rebounds and jumps be high and mighty." The prayer is suitable, as it recognizes and respects the opponent, while at the same time prays for peak performance and strength.

Players can follow the prayer by reciting the following verse from the Book of Isaiah: "Ye shall run and not be weary, swifter than eagles, stronger than lions. The Lord shall renew thy strength, ye shall mount up with wings as eagles..." Another powerful team basketball prayer includes "Dear Lord, thank you for this opportunity to use our athletic gifts. Please help us to remember that the score is never more important than the person or the team. Help us to remember that everyone here is our brother or sister in Christ. And may we all have fun and be safe. Amen." This prayer has been used by the Archdiocese of Baltimore Catholic Youth Organization prior to each contest. For years, coaches at the youth, high school, college and professional level have also elected to recite The Lord's Prayer before games.