What Are Appropriate Outfits for Volleyball Practice?


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An appropriate outfit for volleyball practice includes a comfortable, fitted T-shirt that does not restrict arm movements and defensive pants with padding or shorts with knee pads that secure to the knees. Tennis shoes with padded shock absorption and ankle support should be worn on the feet, and elbow pads should also be worn, as they help to prevent injury when players dive for the volleyball.

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When dressing for a volleyball practice, the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons recommends protecting the ankles by either wearing shoes that provide ankle and arch support or by wrapping the ankles with athletic tape or wraps. Socks should be ankle height and properly fitted for the player's foot size to ensure they do not slip inside the shoes during play.

Shirts or shorts that are too loose may prevent adequate arm movement or even cause distractions when playing volleyball, so fitted clothing is ideal, as it lets volleyball players move quickly when serving, spotting, and hitting the ball during practices and games. It's best to avoid wearing heavy clothing, because the sport causes exertion, and being too warm can cause the body temperature of players to elevate to unsafe levels. Some volleyball players wear chin guards to protect their faces when diving for the ball.

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