How Do You Take Apart a Glock 23?


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Taking apart a Glock 23 is the first step to take when cleaning the weapon or clearing a jam. When disassembling a Glock, handle the individual pieces carefully to prevent damage.

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  1. Unload the gun

    First remove the clip in the gun. Lock back the slide and make sure that there isn't a round in the chamber. In addition to performing a visual check, slide a finger into the chamber and perform a physical check as well. Even after this is done, make sure to keep the gun pointed in a safe direction while you disassemble it.

  2. Take off the slide

    Pull the slide back 1/4 inch, revealing the take-down lever above the trigger on the left side. Pinch the lever and pull down to loosen the slide. Push the slide back in the opposite direction and remove it from the gun. Glocks outfitted with a New York trigger require you to pull the trigger once before the slide can be completely removed

  3. Remove the barrel

    The recoil spring is located underneath the slide. Unhook the back end of the spring and slide it out of the gun. Remove the barrel by turning the Glock upside down and letting it drop into your palm.

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