What Animals Are Hunted in Montana?


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Animals hunted in Montana include turkeys, antelopes, black bears, coyotes and civet cats. Some animals that are considered predators can be hunted throughout the year, while animals protected by federal or state regulations can only be hunted during open seasons.

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Animals such as coyotes, weasels, and striped and spotted skunks are considered predators in Montana and can be hunted year-round by resident and nonresident hunters, even without a hunting license. Nonresidents who want to trap or ensnare predatory species are required to purchase a Nonresident Trapping License. A license is required if hunting on private land or state school trust lands.

Nongame species such as red foxes, badgers, squirrels and prairie dogs may be shot for sport or consumption. While federal law does not restrict hunting nongame species, it may be illegal to hunt them in national wildlife refuges. Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks provides annual hunting regulations for each animal species.

Hunting seasons in Montana start and end at the same date every year, but may change if the date is intentionally set to start and end during the weekdays. Hunting elk and deer, for example, end each year on a Sunday immediately following Thanksgiving, while the pheasant season starts on the Saturday of Columbus Day and always ends on January 1. While the actual dates may not change periodically, the length of the season may vary from year to year.

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