What Do Animal Droppings Look Like?


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Experts categorize animal droppings as pellets, plop, large tubular, small tubular and white. Deer, elk, llamas and rabbits produce pellet-shaped droppings, while the droppings of bears, cows and buffalo are of the plop variety. The droppings of dogs, cats and wild canines and felines are brown, large and tubular in shape, while the large tubular droppings of geese are usually green. Bats and rodents leave small tubular droppings, while white excrement indicates amphibians, birds and reptiles.

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The large tubular droppings of a fox look like those of a small dog because its diet, especially in urban areas, consists of meat and grains. Fox droppings found in rural areas may be twisted at the end because foxes in these settings eat more birds and wild animals. Deer pellets are usually black and shiny. People often observe small tubular-shaped bat droppings stuck to walls. As compared to mouse droppings, bat droppings have a rough appearance because they contain parts of finely chewed insects.

Experts advise keeping a distance from animal droppings, since droppings can contain germs. Dust-borne particles from droppings can carry diseases and be dangerous when inhaled. Individuals should always wear gloves and other protection when attempting to identify animal droppings.

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