Why Do Airbags Sometimes Get Recalled?


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Airbags may be recalled for a number of reasons including poor quality, software malfunction or improper installation. Airbags are an important safety feature that is normally added to vehicles to cushion occupants against hard impact in case of an accident. Most modern vehicles have airbags installed at the front to cushion against front impact and side airbags for protection against side impact.

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Why Do Airbags Sometimes Get Recalled?
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One of the reasons why airbags may be recalled regards software malfunction. In certain cases, the software may send a wrong signal causing the airbags to deploy even when the vehicle is not involved in an accident.

Another reason for recalling airbags may regard the quality of materials used to make them. If a company finds out that a certain line of airbags does not meet market quality, it may be forced to recall the line and replace it with a better version.

The next reason for recalling airbags may regard poor installation. When airbags are installed incorrectly, they may deploy late or too early when a vehicle is involved in an accident. This means the occupants of the vehicle are not correctly protected. In such cases, the company responsible may recall all vehicles with the faulty airbags and carry out fresh installations.

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