How Do You Aim a Bow?

How Do You Aim a Bow?

To aim a bow properly, you must position your body and hold the bow correctly to make sure the arrow lands on the target. You must also maintain the correct body position throughout by taking deep breaths and maintaining focus on the target or on the bow pin.

  1. Position your body

    Turn your body to the right if shooting with your right hand; turn to the left if shooting with your left hand. Stand up straight, and position your legs about 3 feet apart. Bend your knees slightly, and turn your head to locate the target. Keep your head straight when aiming the bow.

  2. Hold the bow

    Load an arrow onto the bowstring. Form an L with your holding hand (the hand that holds the bow). Position your holding hand along the bow grip by placing the grip between your thumb and forefinger. Use your middle finger to anchor the grip. Fold your fingers over the grip.

  3. Position the bowstring

    Use three anchor points, hand to jaw, tip of nose and the kisser, to position the bowstring. Pull the bowstring back until your thumb meets your jaw line. Adjust the tension of the bowstring until it touches the tip of your nose. Adjust the bowstring until the tiny plastic ball on the end of the string touches your lips.

  4. Aim at the target

    Close your nondominant eye. Maintain body posture and rigidity by taking a deep breath while pulling the bow string back. Focus on the target or on the bow pin to take aim. Release the arrow to hit the target.