What Do You Do After a Boat Accident?


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After a boating accident, the first thing to do is check for injuries and see if anyone requires medical assistance, instructs Allstate. If anyone is in need of emergency medical assistance, or if any of the boats involved in the accident cannot make it back to shore on their own, immediately contact the U.S. Coast Guard by cell phone or radio for further assistance.

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What Do You Do After a Boat Accident?
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If contacting the Coast Guard, explain your location as precisely as possible including longitude and latitude if known, explains Allstate. If there is no medical emergency and the boat or boats involved in the accident can make it back to shore, it's okay to contact the Coast Guard after reaching the shore.

In the event of serious injury or damage to one or more of the boats involved in the accident, the operator of the boat must file an accident report with the Coast Guard, states HG.org. The regulations regarding filing a report vary across states. Some states require the boat operator to file with the state agency that controls boating or with the Coast Guard, while some states require submitting the report to both.

If the accident involved another boat, exchange information with the other boat operator, states Allstate. Obtain the name and contact information of the other boat operator, the names and contact information of any passengers on the boat and any witnesses on shore, and the insurance information of the boat operator. Call your insurance company, if you have one, and file a claim.

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