What Are Some Advantages of Small Aluminum Fishing Boats?

What Are Some Advantages of Small Aluminum Fishing Boats?

Advantages of small aluminum fishing boats include being lightweight, durable, simple to fix, and easy to clean. Aluminum fishing boats do not rust and cost less than fiberglass boats.

Aluminum fishing boats are lightweight, making them easier to haul, launch and push off into the water. They are light enough for one person to carry. Lightweight aluminum fishing boats use less power, reducing fuel cost and impact on the environment, and are easier to row.

Aluminum is stronger than fiberglass. Aluminum boats do not shatter, but instead dent or puncture if they bump trees or rocks in the water. Boats.com advises to consider aluminum thickness for higher durability. Welded aluminum boats last longer and have less chance of leaking compared to riveted aluminum.

Aluminum boats are easy to repair if they are dented or punctured. Dents are easily hammered out and reshaped. Punctures simply need to be welded. Kits are available for do-it-yourself repairing.

Little maintenance is required for aluminum boats. Just turn the boat over to let standing water drain. Cleaner and polish can be used to remove any buildup and provide shine. Polish helps seal the aluminum.

Aluminum is rust-free, providing aluminum boats with long life. However, be careful of fishing in salt water, as it can corrode aluminum.