What Are Some Advantages of Portable Hunting Blinds?


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Some of the advantages of portable hunting blinds are that they hide hunter movement from prey, often hold more than one person, offer protection from the elements, are usable in any environment, and set-up quickly. Using a camouflaged portable blind does not require natural cover or trees like a traditional deer stand.

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Portable blinds vary in shape and size and are designed to blend into the natural surroundings. Many are quite realistic as tree trunks, hay bales and logs, and hold from one hunter to a whole camera crew and gear. Some blinds even have insulation and carpet, as well as window and door flaps or screens to keep hunters comfortable and warm.

Hunting on public land, where using permanent structures is prohibited, lends itself quite well to using a pop-up blind that quickly and easily moves from one location to another. This type of blind is lighter, easy to pack into hunting areas, and relatively quiet to set up and repack. Blinds that allow a hunter to sit in a chair and pull the covering up around his body are another lightweight and portable option. Other portable blind options can be heavy and require the use of four wheelers to haul them to the hunting grounds.

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