What Activities Can You Do at a Driving Range?


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The primary activity at a driving range is hitting golf balls for distance in an effort to improve the golfer's swing. These facilities also often have golf professionals on-hand to provide instruction and suggestions on how to develop a better golf swing.

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Driving ranges typically have target greens that assist golfers with determining how far their shots are travelling before landing. Driving range participants pay for a bucket of balls of various sizes and take them to their assigned tee. There they can drive the balls at their own pace without concern for hindering the games of other golfers. Some driving ranges use electronic tee systems that deliver a predetermined number of balls directly to the tee without requiring the golfer to haul a bucket of balls.

Driving ranges are either part of a larger golfing facility or freestanding. While not a typical feature, driving ranges are sometimes part a complex that includes other facility-based recreational activities, such as miniature golf or batting cages.

Driving ranges are popular among golfers who do not have regular access to a full course. They allow the ability to practice a golf swing in safety and comfort and at odd hours of the day for a lower price and time commitment than a full game of golf.

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