What Are Some Accurate Fishing Calendars?


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Accurate calendars, tables and charts reporting the best times and dates for fishing, hunting and other activities that are dependent on the movement patterns and locations of animals are offered by BassMaster.com and PrimeTimes2.com. Both free and paid fishing calendar resources are also provided by SolunarForecast.com.

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Most calendars that claim to report the best times to go hunting and fishing at various locations are based on Solunar theory. Solunar theory was developed in 1926 by John Aldenn Knight to predict the movements of animals based on a number of factors including the location of the moon in relation to the animals' bodies, sunrise and sunset times and the current tide level of a particular location. While the veracity of Solunar theory is still debated, calendars created using the tenets of the theory, such as those available on SolunarForecast.com, are widely available for purchase.

According to a poll on Solunar Forecast, Solunar theory produces positive results for 98% of users. The charts and calendars offered by the website include designations for time periods of minor and major activity, a simple star-based rating system and information on the rising and setting of the Sun and Moon. BassMaster.com is another website that offers accurate solunar fishing calendars with data on the best times of day, days of the week and days of the month to hunt and fish.

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