How Accurate Is the Bushmaster .308 Hunting Rifle?

How Accurate Is the Bushmaster .308 Hunting Rifle? and reported 1.5- to 1.6-inch groupings at 100 yards for the Bushmaster .308 hunting rifles. shot a 0.5-inch grouping at 100 yards.

Accuracy of specific firearms relies on the type of rounds used during testing. After testing the Bushmaster .308 Hunter, stated that 168-grain boat-tail hollow-points were slightly more accurate than 175-grain Buffalo Bore sniper rounds. At 100 yards, the 168-grain rounds regularly achieved 1- to 1.5-inch groupings, and its sniper consultant, Stan Jarosz, shot 1-inch groupings at 500 yards. reported that they used Black Hills 175-grain and Fiocchi 168-grain rounds and achieved 1.6-inch groupings with the Bushmaster .308 OCR. Lighter 147-grain full metal jacket boat-tail rounds, used by, lost considerable accuracy, returning only 2.5-inch groupings.