What Are Some Accessories for the SR1911?


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The Ruger SR1911 can be outfitted with many accessories, many of which you can buy directly from Ruger, including grips, magazines, sights, lights and holsters. The SR1911 is built on the popular 1911 pistol design, and many aftermarket accessories designed for the 1911 platform will fit on this firearm.

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Many people use the 1911 design as a base for customization because of its popularity and the wide variety of parts available for it. Some particularly popular accessories for this firearm are new sights, quality magazines, aftermarket grips and a full-length guide rod.

A set of high quality sights can add a lot to your shooting enjoyment. They can make it easier to aim the firearm. Quality magazines cannot be understated: the cycling system of any magazine-fed firearm is only as good as the magazine. Grips are a popular upgrade and personal preference. What is comfortable to one person's hands may not be for another person. It is best to try out different grips to see what works for you. A full-length guide rod replaces the stock recoil spring guide and allows for smoother cycling, more weight at the front of the pistol and a longer life for the recoil spring.

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