How Do the AAU Boys Basketball Club Power Rankings Work?

How Do the AAU Boys Basketball Club Power Rankings Work?

The Amateur Athletic Union's boys basketball power rankings are a subjective ranking system based upon team performance and perceived talent, as of 2015. Only AAU teams and players are considered for the rankings, and only play in AAU-affiliated events is taken into consideration. The current rankings are available at These rankings are not used for seeding purposes at Nationals, and a separate ranking is determined both before and after every season.

AAU teams are divided by age, with the 10 and under (or 10U) grouping as the youngest age bracket for which the AAU offers power rankings. The power rankings go up to and include junior year in high school, with a separate set of rankings for each age group along the way.

In 2013, the teams were broken down by academic year rather than by age, so third grade players were the youngest with a ranking. This old system persists somewhat at the higher levels, as the high school age rankings still have names such as 15U/9th Grade, instead of just 15U. Separate rankings are also provided for Division I and Division II programs, leading to a grand total of 16 sets of power rankings available on the site.

Events considered in determining the AAU boys basketball power rankings include the National Championships, Super Showcases, District Championships, AAU Super Regionals and Disney Spring events.

Teams may email the AAU with information about who they have defeated in an effort to be ranked or to move up the rankings.