What Are 700c Wheels?


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700c wheels are the most common size of wheels used on road and racing bicycles. They can be fitted with a variety of tire styles depending on the type of riding to be done.

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Bikers that ride on smooth surfaces normally select smooth tires. They provide a more comfortable ride with less rolling resistance while maintaining a minimum amount of contact with the road. The three types of tires that can be fitted to 700c wheels are referred to as clincher, tubeless and tubular.

Clincher tires are the most common and are used in conjunction with an airtight inner tube. Tubeless tires require an airtight rim and a compatible tire, while tubular tires are attached to the rim with an adhesive.

Many different tire widths can be mounted on 700c wheels. Since narrow tires have less contact with the road, they provide for a faster ride. Wider tires offer more traction and stability.

Most wheel rims are made from aluminum alloy or carbon fiber and are connected to the hub of the wheel by a number of spokes. Although they can be heavier and harder to maneuver than spoke wheels, disc wheels are sometimes used in an effort to reduce aerodynamic drag.

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