Who Makes a 410 Pump Shotgun?


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Remington Arms and Mossberg & Sons both produce pump shotguns in .410 bore as of July 2014. Roughly a 67-gauge, the .410 bore is currently the smallest readily available shotgun shell in the U.S. market.

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The .410 shell is referred to in bore size rather than the more common gauge size of other shotgun shells. It’s a small light load that is known for being easy to shoot because of the low amount of recoil that it produces. According to Chuck Hawks, firing a typical .410 shell out of a 5.5 pound shotgun yields roughly 7 to 10 pounds of recoil.

First marketed by Eley Brothers Ltd., the .410 shell has been around since 1857 and is still readily available in 2014. Although frequently thought of as a beginner shell, the .410 is often chosen for hunting small game and in survival situations in which size and weight is a major consideration. Along with its use in long guns, the .410 can also be used in some pistols.

The .410 bore shell comes in different lengths and can hold many different shot configurations. One example would be the common 2.5 inch-long target shell filled with roughly 292 pieces of #9 shot. Slugs are also available in the .410 bore as well as buckshot loads.

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