How Do You Find a .22 Winchester Magnum for Sale?


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Gun, hunting and ammunition stores such as Hinterland Outfitters sell .22 Winchester Magnums. There are also gun trading sites such as Gun Broker where individuals can buy and sell various guns.

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As of 2015, Gun Broker and other firearms trading sites allow an individual to search for desired firearms such as a .22 Winchester Magnum. Registration on Gun Broker is required to bid on an item, and the site contains a mix of new and used firearms for sale. Gun Broker offers up to $500 in fraud protection with a $100 deductible, and every buyer on the site is automatically covered. In the United States, firearms are only shipped to licensed firearm dealers who are federal firearms license holders. Individuals wanting to purchase firearms must make arrangements with a local firearms dealer to pick up the firearms upon receipt from the seller.

One can also purchase a .22 Winchester Magnum from gun and rifle specialty stores such as Hinterland Outfitters. As with Gun Broker, firearms can only be shipped to federal firearms license-holding firearm dealers, and the buyer must make arrangements with a local dealer to pick up the gun after it is received by the dealer.

In addition, sites such as Midway USA offer a range of ammunition and gun accessories for a .22 Winchester Magnum such as cylinders and magazines.

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