What Year Was the Planet Mercury Found?


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No one actually knows who found or discovered the planet Mercury. Since ancient times, man was aware of this and other planets because they were visible in the sky. For example, the ancient Babylonians, Greeks and Romans knew about this planet.

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While the Babylonians called Mercury by the name Nabu, the Greeks and Romans associated this planet with their respective gods. However, with the invention of the first telescopes, the astronomer Galileo was able to observe this planet in the 17th century. Similarly, in 1737, John Bevis observed the first transit of Mercury.

Some facts about this planet are that its name comes from the Roman god Mercury, and it is an inner or terrestrial planet. In the solar system, Mercury is the planet that is nearest to the sun. Although it is smaller than Earth, it is bigger than the moon. Mercury's diameter is 3,032 miles.

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