What Is the Wrist Joint Called?


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According to the University of Kansas Medical Center, the wrist joint is called the radiocarpal joint. Its bones are the radius, radioulnar disk, scaphoid, lunate and triquetrum.

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What Is the Wrist Joint Called?
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MedlinePlus indicates that the wrist bones surround a tube called the carpal tunnel. It contains nerves and tendons, and a ligament holds everything in place.

Wrist injuries are common, MedlinePlus reports. They are often caused by repetitive motion at work or leisure, such as typing, racquet sports and sewing. Falling or twisting sometimes leads to a torn ligament, or "sprain." If a tendon or muscle tears, a "strain" results. Strains and sprains are common in many types of sports. Arthritis, which is joint pain and swelling, is also seen in wrists.

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