Who Would Win in a Fight a Hippo or a Rhino?

In a fight between a hippo and a rhino, the rhino would win. The rhino can run at faster speeds and weighs more than the hippo. In addition, the rhino has a sharp horn to defend itself, while the hippo only has teeth.

The winner of this fight can be determined by comparing the characteristics of the average male rhino and hippo. Rhinos can weigh over 7,700 pounds, while hippos only get up to 3,900 pounds. In addition, rhinos are able to run up to 24 miles per hour, while the hippo can only run 18. If it came to a head-on collision, the rhino would have the weight and force advantage. While the hippo is more aggressive than the rhino, the rhino also has a thick-armored skin that would prevent the hippo from biting through and a sharp horn that could easily pierce the hippo's skin.