What Would Happen to a Human on Jupiter?

A human couldn't survive on Jupiter due to extreme weather and temperatures, high radiation, lack of a breathable atmosphere and lack of a solid surface. The heavy pressure of the atmosphere would also be dangerous to humans.

Jupiter has no solid surface and is composed of gases from the top of its atmosphere to its core. Without solid landmasses, wind speeds can exceed 384 miles per hour, faster than a category five hurricane on Earth. This weather leads to centuries-long storms such as the Great Red Spot, a storm that has raged for at least 300 years, and the Little Red Spot, first observed in the 1930s. The average temperature on Jupiter is minus 234 degrees Fahrenheit, unsuitable for human life. The powerful magnetic field around Jupiter traps energy particles from surrounding objects. The particles form a radiation belt that would lethally poison any nearby human within minutes. Jupiter's atmosphere is composed of 90 percent hydrogen and a little less than 10 percent helium, with small amounts of methane, ammonia, water vapor and other compounds.The surface pressure on the planet is over 1,000 percent stronger than the pressure on Earth and would crush any humans or man-made objects. The pressure in the depths of Jupiter is so great that hydrogen becomes metallic.