Where in the World Is Wind Power Used?

As of the end of 2013, the country with the top wind power producing capacity in the world is China. Other top wind producing countries, in order, are the United States, Germany, Spain, India, the United Kingdom, Italy, France, Canada and Denmark. Some countries, such as the United Kingdom and Denmark, rely heavily on offshore wind power, whereas other countries build most of their wind power facilities on land.

At the end of 2012, about 80 countries were operating around 225,000 wind turbines. Globally, wind power supplies about 2.5 percent of electricity, but the percentage is much higher in some isolated areas. Wind power supplies 30 percent of Denmark's electricity, more than 40 percent of electricity in some German states, 20 percent of electricity in southern Australia and 16 percent of electricity in Spain and Portugal. According to estimates by the Global Wind Energy Council, global use of wind energy is expected to reach 5 percent by 2015.

Two of the largest wind farms in the world are in the United States: the Alta Wind Energy Center in California and the Roscoe Wind Farm in Texas. As of 2013, the largest offshore wind farm in the world is the London Array, located about 13 miles off the Kent coast in the United Kingdom. Public opinion is overwhelmingly for wind power as an alternative energy source, though the amount of support varies from country to country. In a Eurobarometer survey, 89 percent of European Union citizens expressed support for wind power, while a 2012 survey in the United States put popular support for wind power at 71 percent.