What Are Some of the World's Most Famous Cinder Cone Volcanoes?

Some of the most well known cinder cone volcanoes in the world include Mauna Kea in Hawaii and Mount Etna in Sicily, Italy. Cinder cone volcanoes are the most common form of volcano in the world.

A cinder cone volcano forms when a volcano erupts and throws lava fragments high into the air. These fragments, which are close to the size of gravel, cool, solidify and fall back down to Earth, gathering around the erupting volcano. They form cones as they fall and can grow to be thousands of feet tall.

In 1943, a cinder volcano later known as Parícutin formed from a cornfield in central Mexico. Within 1 day, it was 131 feet tall. As it continued to erupt for 9 years, the cinder cone grew to be 1,391 feet tall.