How Do You Work Out the Volume of an Object?


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One way to work out the volume of an object is to immerse it in a graduated cylinder of water. Subtract the original water volume from the new water volume after immersion.

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  1. Find the original water volume

    Pour enough water to cover the object into a graduated cylinder. Read the volume of the water in the cylinder, and record it.

  2. Immerse the object

    Immerse the object into the water in the cylinder completely. Read the new volume by noting which mark on the cylinder the water reaches, and record it again.

  3. Find the volume of the object

    Subtract the original water volume from the new volume to get the volume of the object. For instance, if the original water volume in the cylinder is 150 cubic centimeters and the new volume after immersion is 200 cubic centimeters, the volume of the object in question is 50 cubic centimeters.

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