Do Women Mentally Mature Faster Than Men?

women-mentally-mature-faster-men Credit: Compassionate Eye Foundation/Paul Bradbury/OJO Images Ltd/Digital Vision/Getty Images

Women mature mentally faster than men, according to Christopher Bergland writing for Psychology Today. This is because women optimize brain connections at an earlier age than men do.

As Psychology Today explains, during childhood, the brain experiences major restructuring. Connections that are not already regularly used often shrink, while those that are regularly used both survive and flourish. Dramatic gender differences are seen in the brain during this time frame.

Psychology Today points out that modern technology affects the neural connections that are used and those that are discarded. Modern technology often makes individuals feel isolated. When men experience this, it activates the "fight or flight" part of their brains. This greatly affects their ability to feel safe, a feeling which is necessary for the learning process. In addition, the speed of change in the 21st century sometimes leads to neurobiological disorientation.

There is also evidence that men need more levels of physical activity than they typically find in school environments, according to Psychology Today. Modern school requirements typically call for young men to sit still for extended periods of time for both learning and examination. Some young men require outlets for their energy and expression, but the modern age lacks the physical activity and social connections necessary.