Do Women Age Faster Than Men?

According to a study by the Roswell Park Cancer Institute, men actually age quicker than women, but remain fertile later in life. Carolyn's Facial Fitness LLC accredits the earlier formation of wrinkles in women to the fact that women's skin is thinner than men's.

Women may appear to age quicker because of differences in their skin. The top layer of men's skin is 25 percent thicker than women's, and contains more collagen, reports Carolyn's Facial Fitness LLC. These differences result in earlier formation of fine lines in women's faces; this process is accelerated during menopause due to further thinning of the female skin.

In addition, the study by the Roswell Park Cancer Institute does acknowledge the fact that men remain fertile throughout their lifespan, while females undergo menopause. Despite this, the study argues that the cellular mechanisms that allow young men to grow and develop male characteristics also accelerate the aging process later in life. This cellular mechanism, referred to as the mTOR pathway, results in age-related diseases in men, such as cancer, hypertension, type II diabetes, and osteoporosis. In comparison, this study elaborates that women do not experience these age related diseases until later in life, after the onset of menopause.