How Does a Woman's Anatomy Differ From a Man's Anatomy?


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Unlike men, women have breasts and tend to have smaller Adam's apples then men, which is why their voices tend to be higher. Most scientists believe that women evolved to have breasts as a way to attract men, as ample breasts are associated with the ability to feed children. Men tend to have more angular, pronounced brows, cheekbones and jaw lines.

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Women do not grow nearly as much hair on their bodies and faces as men. Experts believe that men evolved to grow facial hair because women in the past were more likely to mate with men with beards. Women tend to have lighter hair, skin and eyes than men.

Female bodies are not usually as muscular as male bodies. On average, female upper bodies are slightly more than half as strong as their male counterparts, and female lower bodies tend to be approximately two-thirds as strong as male lower bodies.

Men tend to have a faster metabolism, which means they usually burn calories at a quicker rate. Female skin is often softer than male skin because women's bodies convert food into fat, which is often stored in the hips, breasts and buttocks. This is because women need to have wide hips and fat storage for birthing children, and men in the past were usually the hunters and gatherers, which required physical prowess.

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